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Master Your Mindset With Coach Marc

Welcome to the Master Your Mindset Podcast. I'm Marc Hildebrand, a Husband, Father, Author, Certified PUSH + LIFE Coach Instructor, and current Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) of 19 years who struggled through self sabotage for decades. After discovering what was truly holding me back, I was able to take my life back by navigating a 100 pound weight loss journey, creating better connection with my wife and kids, show up as a more confident LEADER in all areas of my life, and then create a 6-figure PUSH coaching business to help others do the same. I now coach other LEADERS on how to MASTER their mindset and actions, so they can reach their full potential at home, at work, and in business!

Jun 30, 2022

Thinking that you are either born a great leader or not, is the worst way to think if you want to make the impact you're truly capable of.
I get it, it sometimes seems like people who are great leaders are naturally born that way.
But let me ask you, do you know anyone who excels at leadership BECAUSE of the fact they screwed it up in the process?
For me personally, I've known a lot of leaders who messed it up for years, only to allow them to figure out a way that works for them.
And THEN teach others how to do that too.
So what do the great leaders out there think and do when they find themselves in this situation?
I've been studying them for the last 10 years... People like John Maxwell, Simon Sinek, James Clear, Jocko Willink....
They all do three things, and it's the topic in today's podcast episode.